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Happy birthday kaela

Hey my luv I don’t have ur phone number anymore cause I got a new phone but hope u see that I wishes u a happy birthday love you my beautiful friend hope we get together soon

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I don’t fit in with anyone.

Call me steph

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It’s fine

It’s fine you’re a grown you can go ahead and play home with her family and play dad with her kids

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Eye opening

I recently realized that you’re oNLY there for me when you want something from me , when I recently needed you , you were not there for me , it sucks that the person who I thought would be my life partner can’t be there for me emotionally like I wonder y I don’t cry for you anymore and it’s only because I have all this built up hate for you I remember having a bad day and getting into your sight and breaking down and crying and all I wanted was someone to talk to I realized you weren’t there for me when you turned away and had no sympathy you could’ve hugged me and said everything was gonna be ok and not even an easy gesture like that you were able to do for me but now I know why .

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  1. me: I should go shower now
  2. (five minutes later)
  3. (another five minutes later)
  4. (yet another five minutes later)
  5. (more five minute intervals)
  6. someone: (goes into the bathroom)
  7. me: wow fuck you I was JUST about to go take a shower
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This is great. Houston Texan Andre Johnson’s receipts for $19K he spent on Xmas gifts for kids in Child Protective Services.

That is the best receipt ever.

The shit you DON’T hear about!!!

Guy gets a DUI - news for 6 weeks. Guy spends his money on kids in need for Xmas - no one cares.

Real good, world.

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didn’t even make it past the first line before i had to reblog

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